Frecuent Answer Questions

  1. What is Canubring?

Is a website that connects a person who needs something of some place of the world with another person who can bring it. So both have a profit, the sender saves paying less than any conventional method and the carrier take advantage of the free space of his luggage.

  1. How I can avoid the risk that the cargo has any illicit substance?

Always check yourself what you will carry in your luggage and never accept any closed package. If you still do not trust, you can review what you will carry in your local police department.

  1. Is there any warranty?

Remember that Canubring only makes the connection. We recommend that when you order any valuable product, you can be paid any warranty percentage in advance or sign a simple contract that can be downloaded from "Security and Warranty".

  1. What happen I case of luggage damage, theft or loss?

To avoid this risk we recommend that you always declare to the company you will travel what you are carrying in your luggage and then they can reimburse you in case of damage, theft or loss.

  1. How does the payment is made?

Both parties must agree how much the sender has to pay to the carrier for bringing his cargo. To get an idea of ​​how much to charge/pay check at our recommended prices in the "Reference Prices".

  1. How does the delivery works?

Carrier and Sender must agree in advance the form of delivery at the destination place.

  1. What does Buy Cargo means?

It means that I ask another person to buy me something that does not exist in my country or it is much cheaper to buy elsewhere. For example, I am in Chile and ask someone who travels the U.S. to bring me an iPod, a special medicine or any other thing.

  1. What does documents means?

The documents are papers that have a legal value only for those engaged in them. It may be a power of attorney, a contract or an identity document.